Sir Terence Clark lived for many years in the Arab world, where he learnt to hunt
with the Bedouin and their Salukis. He lives in Britain now, where he occupies
himself with the history and development of the Saluki.
We present with great pleasure this small collection of photographs to show
how his Arab Salukis have adapted so well to living and hunting in Britain.

1. Sir Terence Clark & Salukis
These are: Najma, who was born among
the Al Murra nomads in Saudi Arabia;
her daughter Thalooth Al-Thalaatha,
who won last December the Millennium Cup
for the Champion Coursing Saluki;
and her grand-daughter, Filfil Al-Hamra.


 2. Slipper and Salukis
(photographed by S. Walsh)
Thalooth Al-Thalaatha (red collar)
against her brother Thani Al-Ithnain
(white collar).


3. Salukis coursing the hare
(photograph by S.Walsh)
Thalooth Al-Thalaatha
and Thani al-Ithnain
coursing the blue hare
in Scotland.